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The URGENCI network is an international group of citizens and field activists working to contribute to greater solidarity and synergy between urban and rural communities. .

URGENCI was launched by the « Alliance Paysan-Ecologistes-Consommateurs » of the Provence Alpes Cote d'Azur region of France and the URGENTE project. It now includes many people from over 15 countries.

Polycentric network

The URGENCI network has 8 work programs. Each program is driven by a working group and co-ordinated by a moderator, who is genarally a member of the International Committee (but this is not a prerequisite).

The idea of operating as a polycentric network is to allow each working group to be independent and autonomous, and to allow them to implement collective objectives as defined at the symposium. These objectives will help define the pilot schemes and their schedule.

The International Committee is responsible for supervising the various work groups as well as the harmony of the work being undertaken in accordance with the general objectives. The International Committee also guarantees the general basic aspects of URGENCI.

URGENCI has received funding for general overhead (everday business, salaries...)

Work groups are reponsible for raising their own funds (under the supervision of the International Committee). This means that work is funded on a clear project by project basis.

Work groups are open to all those interested in taking part. If you would like to join any specific group, please contact us and we will put you in touch with the group co-ordinator.